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William King

Director - Field Operations

Oswego, NY

William R. King served over 25 years in the Carpenters Union as a master carpenter on many area construction projects in central New York. He also established Woodwright Carpentry as a self-employed contractor for 12 years before becoming  Pastor of Elim Grace in Oswego, NY. Bill serves as a regional representative for Elim Fellowship, Lima, New York. 
Bill’s education includes four years apprentice and two years journeyman with the Carpenters Union, two years study in Fine Arts, and three years study at Elim Bible Institute and College.  Bill works closely with John Wicks as field representatives for Foundation Builders. Together they explore, evaluate and oversee foreign construction projects, supervising construction groups upwards of twenty-five persons.  Possessing an unusually creative problem-solving ability, Bill delights in handling difficult obstacles, blending his experience with ideas from others on the construction project, creating solutions and turning vision into reality.
He is a committed teacher and apprentice trainer and has schooled numerous young men and women in ministry and construction trades.  An accomplished artist, William is also an avid outdoorsman with regard to hunting, teaching archery, and fishing, together with acting as a personal fishing guide on the world famous Salmon River in the US.
Married to Ann-Marie for over 43 years with six children and 12 grandchildren, he has served as a short-term missionary to Nepal, where three of his sons were born, as well as participating in numerous trips to Haiti, Kenya, and Tanzania.