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Social & Economic Impact

Our Core Values
  • The local communities  are where the most effective change can take place for multi generational improvement for people
  • Prosperity at the local level comes through education and personal empowerment to dream and create new sustainable realities for living
  • Creating solutions through engineering, business development, and construction practices produces an environment where communities can thrive
  • Developing strong leadership skills through the multifaceted exposure to methods, applications, and cross-cultural interactions, while providing needed development is a location
Community –Driven Development
Foundation Builders has developed an approach that covers more than just building an orphanage or clinic. The Foundation Builders team comes alongside the local leaders and builders to start a school to train the local craftsmen in the current building code and practices.  When the projects are completed, the local community will have the skills in both construction and business to continue in developing their community and bringing levels of sustainable prosperity to the people.
How is this accomplished?
Foundation Builders International is a collection of Engineers, project managers, builders, trade technicians, business owners, accountants and attorneys that give their expertise to our students to train them in all manner of construction and business development. We have both volunteers and paid staff that manages the Institute, the Enterprise, and the Construction Projects. We work alongside the local community with the goal of building sustainable community resource centers over a five-year plan to have these centers self-sufficient, owned and operated people in the local community.
How do we measure the success of the five-year plan?
The goal of Foundation Builders is not just building a project. We begin with the initial evaluation of the location, community needs, governmental involvement (both local and national) partnerships with other organizations working in the area and cost analysis. Once the location and project have been chosen, a project development schedule is established to track the Institute development and student involvement. The general preference is the Institute and Enterprise are established and fully functioning two years before the first construction project is accepted. In those first two years, the students will use their growing knowledge and skills in developing the Institute campus and the business enterprise.

By year three we evaluate the Institute staff and students as our first students graduated in year 2 and now had one year in practical application working on Foundation Builders construction projects. This evaluation allows us to begin the transition of ownership to members of the local community, many of which are former students, stepping into the leadership roles both at the Institute and the Enterprise.

At this point, we maintain a regular evaluation of staff to ensure the highest quality of administrators, teachers and support staff to provide for the sustainable success both of the Institute and Enterprise. These evaluations are a close partnership between the staff of Foundation Builders, our students, and the local community. All that happens through Foundation Builders in a local community is designed to involve the community to ensure the projects are built with culturally appropriate focus while maintaining the highest educational and building practices.

Finally, once the Institute has been turned over to the local community, which means the ownership, administrative board of directors is made up of people from the community, as well as the staff.  Foundation Builders will maintain a relationship with the Board of Directors to help in the ongoing success of the various components of the Institute.
Testimonials from our students in Haiti
Jean Pierre Fritzner (Boss Loulou) said that the Foundation Builders School teachings were very good. I learned things that I never knew. They training was different than former training that I received. The focused on international code and practical application. I felt that as a construction contractor, it helped me greatly. I improved on my cages and form making. Also, I learned how to better fabricate wooden trusses. Those that I have contracted to build for see that my work is different and better than other contractors which opens doors for more work. Overall, I feel that it has built my confidence and abilities.
I would recommend to others to get training from Foundation Builders in the future. While I find that many of those who need the training do not see the importance of it, but only interested in making money. Yet, I would be interested in further training in my field as a mason / carpenter & construction contractor.
Adancy Durasien (son of boss Joe)said that Foundation Builders school helped him improve his ability in welding. I learned proper welding techniques and how to better prepare and plan my welding projects. I now have a better understanding of welding principles. Yet, I am unable to prefect them as I would like because I am unable to find work in my field. Yet, I know that I am better prepared for future work projects. I am very satisfied with what I learned and would recommend others in the future to participate in Foundation Builders school. I hope that in the future that I can further my studies with them in welding and fabrication.